Monday, 22 August 2016

It's about working together

It's about working together

I believe deeply in Prince Albert, its historic past and future potential. The challenges ahead need to be addressed with positive understanding of the needs of the ward’s diverse population. It is the largest area in the city which encompasses the city’s entire downtown core, as well as the West flat area of the city up to 9th Avenue West. It also encompasses city land north of the North Saskatchewan River, including Hazeldell & Nordale,  acreage's, farmland and the airport and the city’s upcoming Green Industrial Park. The ward includes light and heavy industry. It is the largest geographical ward and it has the largest amount of voters in it. These areas each have their own issues that need attention. Ward 2 needs a councillor that can react to the citizens’ needs today and in the future. 
First - The top of the list is to have citizens feel secure in their homes and on the streets. 

Second - Everyone should be confident in the knowledge that nothing inside civic government is hidden or kept from public view and that they have representation that is providing accountability to them. 

Third - The city and the ward are facing troubled times with deficits due to crumbling infrastructure and civic cost increases due to labour and pension funding issues. I feel it is time to address these challenges and bring them forward so the citizens of ward 2 and Prince Albert can understand these challenges and we can deal with them together. Only then can we prepare for the future of Prince Albert and move forward along with the new growth our province and region are enjoying. 

Fourth - Prince Albert has untapped economic potential including tourism, manufacturing and retail development.  Now is the time to attract investors that will bring jobs to the community. With jobs we will have more families, more taxes and more services for everyone.
The citizens of Prince Albert must be complimented on how we faced hardships together such as our bridge work, streets and water crisis.  It is amazing how the city came together, both our civic leadership and fantastic city workers. Citizens pulled together, businesses worked to help out where possible. 
Good on all of you for doing your part. 


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