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On May 11, 2015, at 1:11 PM, Dean Link wrote:

"Charlene, To tell you the truth the meeting was rather underwhelming, but what I found most surprising was the lack of comments from yourself, Lee and Rick. A lot of people seem to feel that the people directly representing them, should be making a statement, or are you just in agreement with the mayor on whatever he has to say about the situation. It remains what the mortgage and insurance companies will have to say, but the way it looks now, for anyone with the city to make a statement that it will have no negative effect on house prices was very odd to say the least. Have a good one. Dean."

__________My Response to Dean Link's email May1th, 2015:___________

Like most in the room I was there to learn.

My comments are very straightforward. I believe my role is public safety and protection of public and private property. I believe 500 is a very high standard and like others at the meeting want to know what today's science indicates. I do believe 100 years ago in 1915 a high water event set a 200 year benchmark which was discussed by the water security scientist. So my minimum is that level plus industry safety margins.

Before Kathy and I retired from the mortgage industry we checked with two insurers. When this came up in a previous elected council cycle item I contacted both CMHC and the private insurer Genworth regarding 100 and 500 coverage of mortgages. Genworth came back in a short time with 500 was of no concern but 100 has consequences but may not diminish their capacity to insure PA area homes. Now that was prior to Calgary's event. CMHC never did respond.

I also know currently one home general insurance provider Intact Canada is looking at offering overland flood coverage in some provinces.

Proof of diminished real estate value must be shown to me. I understand from my cousin in High River his golf course condo that was damaged was repaired by insurance + disaster relief and that his property has not lost value as some have sold. Again these are newer homes on a golf course now with flood protection installed.

I do see and agree with many of my ward residents that they are worried about the older homes property on sale.  The different rules for 100 and the current 500 provincial standard are confusing. These are the questions that our homeowners and council need to understand before we can move forward. I do think that one on one homeowner discussions with our experts goes a long way to answering their individual questions. We simply all want answers and resolve moving forward.

Albeit leave the property value issue to you and your industry.   As we all know the market dictates the reality of property value. It is the sale and purchase that shows you and us the reality if prices stay the same or drop.

I view my role as independent and do attempt to vote for my constituents and my best conscience.  My phone and email is always available. I return every call.

Dean With your permission I will share your comments and this response on Facebook.


Rick Orr,
Councillor Ward 2
City of Prince Albert, SK